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Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips I would enjoy knowing what your best weight loss tips are, by the way.  Now that I am about 11 weeks into this healthy weight loss journey, and doing a much better job of managing the thinking and feelings involved in late evening eating, I am looking for other […]


Fitness in Rockford, Il-Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…

Fitness in Rockford, Il. So I am sure you are ready to ask what increased  telomere length has to do with anything, certainly what could it have to do with fitness in Rockford, Il.  Well, it turns out that telomeres, those tiny little caps on the ends of our tiny strands of DNA, have an […]


Rockford Health-Startling Revelation For the Not So Chubby Hubby

Rockford Health-Weight Loss for Men Bet you can never guess what I saw a hint  of this morning?  If you read this far, thanks, and the answer is muscle definition.  I was amazed.  Underneath the extra pounds I have carried for about 20 years there is still the outline of pectorals and even a bit […]


Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress

Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress Just eight weeks ago,  I ran across an article in WIRED magazine talking about products that they thought would be a big hit at an electronics show.  I happened to glance at the article and one of the products looked vaguely like an arm band that my wife had gotten […]


First Post from Not So Chubby Hubby

Not So Chubby Hubby is a go…my first post on this blog, which I am building as we speak, so expect lots of changes in the coming days.  Actually, I am excited about the not so chubby hubby part too, as I have lost about 20 pounds in the last two months using two tools […]


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