First Post from Not So Chubby Hubby

Not So Chubby Hubby is a go…my first post on this blog, which I am building as we speak, so expect lots of changes in the coming days.  Actually, I am excited about the not so chubby hubby part too, as I have lost about 20 pounds in the last two months using two tools primarily, the Body Media arm band, and Sisel Lean meal replacement shakes.   So I am breaking down eating patterns that I have indulged for almost 20 years.  While I have attempted to break those patterns down many times, I have not sustained the new long enough for the old to go away and stay away.  I can move so much better already, and I am delighted with that, and I am looking forward to losing the remainder of the weight.  The Body Media arm band gives me the tools to record my daily food intake, and makes me feel a bit guilty when I indulge a snack, and the Sisel Lean is an excellent meal replacement tool, leaving me feeling full when I mix them correctly.  You have to let them sit a bit, then drink them, as they thicken up.  So I will be reporting lots more information tomorrow, and in subsequent days, so stay tuned and welcome.

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