Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress

Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress

Just eight weeks ago,  I ran across an article in WIRED magazine talking about products that they thought would be a big hit at an electronics show.  I happened to glance at the article and one of the products looked vaguely like an arm band that my wife had gotten for herself, and even suggested that I get one for me.  I paid little attention to her idea, and soon she quit using hers, because the ubs cord somehow got misplaced, and she could not do her daily upload of calorie intake by logging her meals.

On a whim, I decided to see if the product had an affiliate program attached to it, and it did, so I explored a bit, signed up, and was accepted.  I ordered one of the arm bands, and then I said to Julie that she ought to get one too, and we could do a husband and wife weight loss program.  I was quite surprised when she said she already had one of the Body Media arm bands, and a little embarassed, but that is easy enough to get over.

When mine arrived, I put it on, and began to play with the meal recording part of the program, and I was quite surprised by the number of calories that I was consuming every day, some of them late at night, right before I went to bed.  But I did notice right away that I had a little bit more awareness of choice when I felt hungry and went mindlessly to the refrigerator.

I did set up a target calorie intake and calorie expenditure program, and weighed in at 239.7 pounds, about 10 more than I expected.   Then I did not weigh again for perhaps a week, and was really surprised to have lost more than four pounds.   I was hooked.

Now I am close to 20 pounds down and about 1/3 of the way to my target weight of 180.

What is really amazing is that I have managed to stick to a schedule of eating which is very different than having no schedule for meals at all.  First thing in the morning,   I load up my meals and check to see how I am doing on my targets, and I am moving along very steadily.  I have given up on the leftovers, which might be making my depression era parents roll over in their graves, and I have not had any candy or sugar in almost two months.  I do not think that has happened for 30 years.

As I began to lose pounds, I happened to run across a Facebook post from a friend of mine who was reporting that he had lost over 100 pounds.  I knew that Jeff was a 25 year  mlm guy, so I suspected that he had a product or two somewhere in the background, but he did not pitch them.  Instead he talked about being able to bend over again and tie his shoes.

I was intrigued and after a month with Body Media, I decided to see what his product was,  and to give it a try.  If it can help me reach my goal of getting back to playing weight, then I am all for it.  And so it has, but I will save the details for my next post.

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