Fitness in Rockford, Il-Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…

Fitness in Rockford, Il.

So I am sure you are ready to ask what increased  telomere length has to do with anything, certainly what could it have to do with fitness in Rockford, Il.  Well, it turns out that telomeres, those tiny little caps on the ends of our tiny strands of DNA, have an important roll to play in cell division, and they can wear a little thin over the course of our lives, and as they do wear thin, we age faster.

Here is what the experts have to say in one research project;

“Telomere shortening may cause genome instability and is an initiating event in colorectal cancer (CRC). Obesity is associated with reduced telomere length in lymphocytes and is a risk factor for CRC, but the impact of obesity on telomere length in the rectal mucosa is unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of weight loss, induced by calorie-restricted diets, on telomere length in the rectal mucosa of obese men. Midrectal biopsies were collected by sigmoidoscopy at three time points (at weeks 0, 12, and 52) during a programmed weight loss intervention. Weight was reduced by an average of 10.6 kg across the study. Telomere length, measured by quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR), was negatively correlated with body mass index (BMI) (r = -0.13, p = 0.05) at baseline (n = 54) and increased at week 12 (four-fold increase) and week 52 (10-fold increase) (analysis of covariance [ANCOVA] p = 0.01, n = 12). Abasic sites in DNA decreased at week 12 (30% decrease) and week 52 (65% decrease) (analysis of variance [ANOVA] p = 0.02). Furthermore, gain of telomere length appeared to be greater if more weight and body fat was lost (r = -0.65, p = 0.01 and r = -0.56, p = 0.01, respectively). These results suggest that weight loss by caloric-restricted diets may contribute to the prevention of telomere shortening and DNA base damage, which are important initiating events in carcinogenesis.”

What I have seen in the reading I have been doing about anti-aging is that there is quite a race to find the magic bullet that lengthens telomeres and slows the aging process, and it would seem to me that instead of looking for that magic bullet, that a calorie restricted diet is the key.

It also seems to me that if you are obese, then losing the weight is an excellent antidote to worn out telomeres, as it sounds like they regenerate with weight loss.

So as a not so chubby hubby, I am very excited to see this information.  In fact it makes me want to go get on the treadmill again, as I am down about 27 pounds in the last two months, and two key components of my weight loss have been the Body Media arm band and the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake.

The Body Media arm band is like a little conscience on my arm,  reminding me not to give in to emotional eating, or cravings, and to wait until my next scheduled meal.  The more I follow the schedule and maintain regular exercise the more steadily I lose weight.  Part of my schedule is to mix the Sisel Meal Replacement shakes and to take them in place of a meal or two per day.

A good friend of mine who lost over 100 pounds using Sisel Lean actually turned me on to the product simply by reporting his weight loss. (Can you imagine how long his telomere’s are now?)   He never sold the product, just continued to record weight loss, and of course, as I began my weight loss journey, I had to ask how he was doing his, and then he told me.

He said the shakes worked by coating his stomach which would encourage his body to turn off ghrelin or the hunger hormone.   So I tried it, to see if my cravings/hunger pangs could be tamed.  I have to report that not always do my cravings go away, but they are much more manageable by just thinking about them, and reminding myself that my next meal is not too far off, and I can wait.

Sounds like what the grownups do, right.

Here is a link to the research mentioned above.

Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…


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