Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips

I would enjoy knowing what your best weight loss tips are, by the way.  Now that I am about 11 weeks into this healthy weight loss journey, and doing a much better job of managing the thinking and feelings involved in late evening eating, I am looking for other thinking and feeling tips to include in my internal memorex, because I know that in order for me to keep the weight off, I will have to continue managing hungers and cravings for as long as I want the weight off, and there are just a ton of good sites out there with information for me.

I am lucky in a sense because I can be a bit compulsive about my daily rituals, and once I have them built in, I keep them.

For example, I am starting each evening meal with a big salad, and my late night snack, if I eat one, has been yogurt, rather than a few more bites of dinner, or ice cream.

The biggest thing I have been compulsive about is; drum roll please,  no sugar in almost three months.  No ice cream, no candy, and my wife made the comment last Saturday that because I am eating less, she only had to buy one pizza…so there is an economic incentive for me to continue my eating this way.

Another thing I have gotten compulsive about is using my Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes…which are touted to coat your stomach and trick your brain into stopping production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.  It does not always stop cravings 100%, although sometimes it does, but it always helps.  This is very important to me.

I am beginning to see the remnants of my chest and abdominal definition as the fat disappears, and contemplating working on those again, and even running this fall.  I have a nice track in mind that will allow me to run on grass on a well keep cemetary lawn.

So I guess my healthiest weight loss tip for today is involve visualization.

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