Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

If you are like me, buried in online information and competing claims for competing products, and you are overweight, and a little prone to quick fixes (after all, that is what hamburger helper is, correct?), then you have looked for the magical pill or potion that you can take so that it can work while you are doing the rest of your life.

If you are like that, then you probably have learned to discount what appear to be magic potions and pills and claims touting weight loss or metabolism boosts for phytochemicals or neutriceuticals or lycopene, or whatever.

However, about 3 months ago, I got a Body Media arm band, and began to use the online module for goal setting, exercise tracking, which it does while I am busy vacuuming for example, and meal recording, and I was very amazed to lose five pounds in the first week of using it.

Now I am at 30 pounds down, with hope of getting back to 180 lbs.  I am really looking forward to some running this fall, without the extra pressure of an extra 60 pounds on my knees and hips…and early in this process, I came across some references to two products that are now a daily part of my weight loss regimen.  One is Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shakes, and the other is…coconut oil.

I saw some online articles about coconut oil, both of the scientific variety and the marketing variety articles, so I decided to buy some and use it.  At this point, I get the grocery store variety, and not all my local stores carry it, and it is expensive, but it sure is filling, on toast, which is how I usually have it.

In fact, for breakfast today, I had a Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shake and two slices of toast with coconut oil, which leaves the hunger pangs blunted but the stomach is not way too full, so I can go do my morning workout.  I will probably have toast and coconut oil for lunch too.   I like the convenience of including coconut oil in my meals this way.

Here is some interesting information to look at.

“Nonetheless, there seems to be something to the idea that coconut oil, with its rich concentration of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), may increase fat burning and calorie expenditure, especially if MCTs replace other fats in the diet such as safflower oil, soybean oil and other typical high omega-6 vegetable oils. (No one suggests that they should replace omega-3‘s!) Researchers writing in the Journal of Nutrition called MCTS “potential agents in the prevention of obesity,” noting that they induce satiety (fullness) and may facilitate weight control, especially when used as a replacement for other oils.”

I have not yet used coconut oil as a cooking oil, just eaten it spread on toast, so if you try coconut for weight loss and use it as a cooking oil, let me know what your experience is, OK?  Thanks.

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