Best Meal Replacement Diet

Best Meal Replacement Diet

I want you to take a look at this article in Science Daily,  Feeding Hormone Ghrelin Modulates Ability of Rewarding Food to Evoke Dopamine Release, and prepare to be amazed.  I know my jaw dropped when I read the part about how sugar helps a rat  brain generate a dopamine release in the pleasure circuitry of its brain which is made stronger by an injecting ghrelin along with it.

Since I am not constrained by the research model, I am going to wonder if I have that same kind of experience when I am hungry and eat a sugary treat?  Or maybe  I am in need of a snack and I head to the refrigerator and I pull out the left over spaghetti, made with the sauce that has lots of high fructose corn syrup in it, and I start to eat just to blunt the ghrelin induced hunger pang, and the sugar in the sauce begins to work on my tongue and I get a jolt of feel good dopamine before I even swallow my snack, which soon becomes a meal.

Is it possible the the chemists at the food producing companies know about this quirk of our pleasure centers, and engineer products (not food) to take advantage of this quirk in our pleasure centers?  Why else would the recipe for cookies and snacks include appetite stimulants?

Yes, folks your processed food is engineered to make you eat more than just one.  I was and am disappointed to know that, and I am even more disappointed in myself for continuing to fall prey to food products that include ingredients that I cannot digest (trans fats) or that make me obese, simply because I want that dopamine in my brain after the chemical.  You know, carrots work, but not anywhere near as fast as high fructose corn syrup for a dopamine jolt, and speed is of the essence for your pleasure centers.

So, any meal replacement diet is going to have to take into account the pleasure centers of the brain, and give us a chance to manage our awareness and make wiser choices when it comes to appetites and cravings.

I have tended to be rather skeptical about products and diets that tout meal replacement shakes because I did not believe they could work, at least not the way they are advertised, until a friend of mine began to post of Facebook about his 100 pound weight loss using the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes.  That caught my eye, and I began to watch his posts, especially when I began to experience some weight loss success in April when I began using the Body Media arm band.

In May I bought some of what he was using and tried it.  I actually began to use the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake  incorrectly, not mixing it and letting it thicken up, and I drank it a little faster than I needed to, perhaps like it was a magic bullet, and I did not at first notice what he was describing.

But then I did mix it, and I noticed that my appetite was not as strong most of the time, and sometimes I did not need to eat a meal at all, in spite of the ghrelin that must have been lurking somewhere in my blood stream, so no chemicals were inducing a dopamine fix and I was still getting nutrition.

Once again I am not constrained by research requirements, so I measure the impact of my experiment in terms of weight loss, which is now at 30 pounds in three months, even with some days where I did not completely remove the high fructose corn syrup from my food intake.

Pretty amazing that Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes work even when I don’t.


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