How Did Jeff Fluck Lose Over 100 Pounds and Mike Logan Lose 32 Pounds? – Are There Weight Loss Supplements That Work?

Weight Loss Supplements That Work

If you are in Rockford, Il.  on Aug. 1, 2012, we hope you will join Jeff Fluck and I at Logan Health and Healing Center.  We are going to be talking about our weight loss and sharing our answer to the question about weight loss supplements that work.

Jeff has lost over  100 pounds, and I am half way to my goal of 60 pounds, which will put me back at 180 pounds. (See a video of Jeff  in the right side bar).   I have been carrying an extra 60 pounds since returning to graduate school in 1991, which makes it 22 years.

Actually I did not accumulate  all that weight  at once, but over a period of years, until I actually weighed about 260 pounds when I graduated with my Masters degree.  I began to exercise then and and did get down to about 210 in 2002 when I got married,  and then crept back up to 240 pounds.

For my height, most of the body charts say I should way about 160, but I played college football at 180, so I will use that as my target.  Even at 30 pounds lost I feel wonderful,  so much lighter.  However, I want it all off.  I see no reason not to have excellent strength and health in my late Boomer and Senior years.  I am watching some of the folks around me begin to seriously age and develop real medical issues, and I do not want that.

In fact, as part of my weight loss regimen, I have taken up bike riding again, and it is taking me back to when I was my son’s age and riding across town to my Little League games, and there was a huge hill that I had to do a switch back on all the way to the top,  and it was a mark of honor to complete that long hill without stopping to walk.

So now I am going to the YMCA to work out, walking the dog, and riding my bike as my primary tools, all of which is recorded on my Body Media arm band.  I also record all my meals on the website, so I can get a picture of calorie intake and burn each day.  The arm band reminds me that I need to follow a schedule for meals.  My appetite and cravings demand that I eat when I feel them, especially the cravings, and that is when I have some water, or build myself a shake with that weight loss supplement that works in it.

My shake helps me turn off the hunger hormone ghrelin, and the hunger or craving goes away, and my calorie intake is only 80 calories.  You know a slice of cold pizza is around 300 calories, right?

Not only do I feel better when I am lighter, I am discovering all kinds of benefits for weight loss.   I did not know how physiologically active that fat was, but that is for another post.

I hope you will take a look at the press release below, get all the pertinent information and come visit us on August 1, 2012.  Or message me here or call me at 815-484-0946, my office number.  Thanks. Mike and Jeff

How Did Jeff Fluck Lose Over 100 Pounds and Mike Logan Lose 32 Pounds? – Are There Weight Loss Supplements That Work?.

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