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Pretty amazing weight loss journey since April 6th or 2012! I am now down 32 pounds, and will cross the 200 pound barrier soon. That is the lowest I have been since 1991, when I got down to 190 to staff my first New Warrior Adventure Weekend, and what is really nice, as the fat disappears, there is still some musculature underneath it. I am really excited to feel the difference in my ability to move, and my endurance is better also. However, the last three weeks I have been stuck at 210 pounds and even went backwards a bit. The first 30 pounds were easy, but I lost my focus for a bit at 30 pounds, and had to work to get it back. So what I did was get my bicycle out and start peddling around the circle we live on which is .6 mile, and I found that I really enjoy it, although there is more traffic than I expected, and sometimes I need to get off the road briefly. No problem for me. Surprisingly enough, my Body Media arm band tells me that the bicycle riding is “vigorous” activity, even more so than the stair master, which sure feels like it is more strenuous, probably because there are no places to coast on the stairmaster. I have continued my use of the Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes and have not had any candy since April 6th also, although I have had some cravings recently. I was able to recognize the cravings as such and not act on them, though. Just like the Beck Diet Solution said, so long story short, I continue to make progress, and I am looking forward to making my target weight of 180 later this year. Very exciting.

I am also discovering some great information about fucoidan, which is a phytochemical from a sea weed that has some excellent anti-cancer properties. Apparently this chemical can make cancer cells go into apoptosis, which means that they die, and cancer cells are immortal for the most part. But more on that in another post. Talk soon, Mike.

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