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Quick Weight Loss Tips

I know that when I search the internet for that term, or similar terms because my britches are fitting a bit too tightly, I am really looking for a magic pill or potion to make the tight britches less tight without any pain on my part, or hunger pangs is what I really mean, because when I am hungry, it is very hard to remember those affirmations about how I will look when it is all over, and it is hard to remember to go have some veggies or some fruit, because the ghrelin in my gut is calling for fat or sugar.

My poor stomach thinks a famine is coming on, and it is telling my in a very powerful behavior motivating way that I need to feed it.

David Linden has written about the pleasure circuitry of our brains and how fast we learn or change the circuitry in our brains in response to fat and very sweet foods like high fructose corn syrup, and how that pleasure circuit can then get activated at the speed on electrons, which changes my internal chemistry, and then I become aware of hunger and move toward the refrigerator or the fast food restaurant.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a low cal sweet treat available for those moments when I am very hungry very fast? Are there any that are convenient? Yes, we have a number of alternatives. We can make our own, and if you are a bit compulsive like me, you can be very satisfied with the same kind of treat or food at the same time every day. I like yogurt for that reason, the little packages of Danon yogurt I can get at the store, and keep in the refrigerator for hungry moments. Then of course the trick becomes to eat just one, because a quick ten yogurts equals about 1200 calories and that does nothing for a smaller waist.

I do not like the candies that are available because I do not know what chemicals are in them, or what those chemicals will do to my aging brain, and if I make a refrigerator full of pops, my kids will eat them and there will be none left for that moment when I do not want to feel hunger pain.

So then what treats can I keep close by for those moments when I need them? Well, I have been using a meal replacement shake from Sisel, and Sisel has some options, which I do have nearbye. They are called Sisel pops. I do not use them every time I have a hunger pang, because I eat on a schedule and I can usually endure hunger until my next meal.   But the Sisel Pops are a very useful adjunct to the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes.

The use of those tools has helped me to lose 35 pounds since April 6th, 2012, and I am getting more confident by the day that I can reach my goal of 180.   You believe that?  So cool.

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