Rockford Health- Is Industrially Processed Sugar, Fat, and Salt Laden Food Biologically Addictive?

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“New discoveries in science prove that industrially processed, sugar-, fat- and salt-laden food — food that is made in a plant rather than grown on a plant, as Michael Pollan would say — is biologically addictive.”

The quote if from Dr. Mark Hyman, and I am really struck by the phrase ‘industrially produced’.

And from Jeremy Zawodny, writing  at How to Eat and Live, ” Did you know that pet food has to pass a certain level of testing before it can be sold? It has to be a “complete” food, containing sufficient nutrients for the animal to live on without additional nutrition. There’s a fairly long testing period involved to establish whether or not the food is good enough to be sold as pet food.

Oddly enough, the foods in the grocery store intended for human consumption have no such testing requirement. Many of them are actually engineered to provoke our desire to eat, while at the same time draining our body of essential nutrients (sometimes the same ones that were removed in the extensive “processing” the food undergoes to make it survive in shrink-wrap on store shelves for months at a time).”

No wonder it is hard to lose weight.

Mr. Zawodny is actually reviewing a book written by Paul Stitt, called Fighting  the Food Giants, which includes information about additives that the big food companies include in our food that make it nearly impossible to eat just one.  I have used this information in my Anger Management workshops for many years because there is quite a connection between low blood sugar and aggression, and I culled that information from Barbra Reed-Stitt’s book Food and Behavior.

Now I am looking at the connection between weight loss and food designed to make us eat way more than we should.  I have recently lost 35 pounds,  as a result of eating mostly salads and much smaller portions of meat and including a helpful meal replacement shake that helps my body handle ghrelin, (the appetite hormone)  and I wondering about how to reach other folks with that information.

I have cut out almost all processed food, and sugary treats.  I have been getting my sugary taste from yogurt, and I know even yogurt has “natural flavors” in it, which are the industry code words for appetite stimulants.

I do not expect to change the world, since I cannot even influence my own family.  My kids and my wife are still consuming lots of sugary treats, including cereal, but I do get them to consume a smoothie with lots of fruit and a salad at dinner.  Grudgingly, they eat those things, with sullen resistance.  But such is the lot of Dad.

Now I am reading very interesting information from Dr.  Hyman and also Paul Linden, Ph.D about how our brains respond to these treats, by making neuroplastic changes which make us crave the treats.  Yes, more chemicals impacting the pleasure circuitry in our brains, not unlike cocaine or alcohol.

Unfortunately for us, our brain learns to crave sugar or alcohol or fat or cocaine very fast,  and unlearning or getting sober if you will, takes more time.

But it can be done.

More on that sobering up next article, but start by eating lots of food  from the vine food, as grown,  and getting lots of exercise, are both going to be necessary.

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