Fitness in Rockford-Weight Loss by Yard Work

Fitness in Rockford

Good afternoon all, after a good Sunday of lawn mowing and outdoor work, weeding box gardens, cleaning up a couple of flower beds, and burning brush, and a cup or two of coffee later in the day as the fire died down, and a little bicycle riding, and then a salad and some baked chicken with part of a baked potato, I weighed in at 192.25  after my workout this morning , and 194.6 at home prior to my workout, which is great news.  I did not feel like I had lost more weight, which is usually the case.

My point in all of this is that, with some attention and the right amount of  step exercise, one does not have to starve to death or undergo the kind of pain that The Biggest Losers have to undergo to lose weight.   Call it weight loss by

I am getting close to the point where I will need to buy new clothes though, which will be painful…however well worth it.  How many pairs of slacks can I get buy with?  Couple of pairs of jeans,  I know, and one pair of dress slacks?  Shirts are lose, but not anywhere near as baggy as my britches are.

How am i doing it, you ask?  Well Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes are a key piece of it, as is Sisel Lean Triangle of Life, which helps my 64 year old body recuperate each day from the exercise I put to it.  Amazing as it is, there are still some abs left down there, and I cannot wait to shed the rest of the fat around my chest.

Guess I will have to do some more yard work for that to happen though, well actually, I need to vacuum upstairs which is a lot of steps actually, and that can be added to tomorrow’s chores.

If you need more structure for your exercise, or just want to try out the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes , please click here and go to Body Sculpting Challenge , where you can do both…Join me in enjoying those smaller clothes.

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