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Senior Body Building

Senior Body Building OK, allow me a moments vanity. I am in the process of shedding 60 pounds of extra weight,  and have lost 45 pounds in the last 7 months, and I am seeing some muscle definition emerging. I have been a regular exerciser since I finished graduate school in 1996, including a weight […]


Avoid Holiday Overeating? Can I Sustain My Senior Weight Loss Routine?

Avoid Holiday Overeating? Isn’t overeating throughout the holiday season an American tradition?  Even I was thinking this morning about making banana bread  with my daughter Hannah, since we have a couple of ripe bananas that will soon go in the garbage if not used , and I am not a baker. Crockpot yes, oven no, […]


Brain Exercises for Seniors-Weight Lifting and the Treadmill?

Brain Exercises for Seniors So you came to this page because you were intrigued about senior weight loss and you were looking for some information on the best protein shake meal replacement as a part of your weight loss regimen,  and the title indicates that this post is about  lifting weights and exercising? What gives?  […]


Seniors Weight Loss-How?

Seniors Weight Loss So you have made it past your AARP membership at age 50,  even joined up,  and you are now looking at all the Medicare materials  coming in the mail, and perhaps getting back in shape seems like a pipe dream.  After all, hasn’t your metabolism changed?   Doesn”t the passage of years justify […]


Rockford Health-Did You Guys See This? How the brain controls our habits – MIT News Office

Rockford Health Do you think the article linked to below has any bearing on becoming a not so chubby hubby?  I think it does.  Not sure about you, but when I am busy, it is very easy for me to eat habitually.  For the longest time, that meant grabbing some high fat, high sugar treat […]


Rockford Weight Loss-Deep Water Running

Rockford Weight Loss Ever heard of deep water running?  Me neither.  For the most part,  I stay out of chlorinated water because if I get any of it in my sinus cavities just underneath my eyes, my nose will run and I will sneeze for a week, which has kept me out of the back […]


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