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Ever heard of deep water running?  Me neither.  For the most part,  I stay out of chlorinated water because if I get any of it in my sinus cavities just underneath my eyes, my nose will run and I will sneeze for a week, which has kept me out of the back yard pool and the pool at the YMCA for ever.  The back yard pool is particularly bad for chlorine…seems like Julie dumps it in by the barrel full, which makes sense if you have a lot of little kids in the pool.   Who knows what they are doing in the water, so lets err on the side of hygiene.

However, all of that may be changing, since I talked to an old college buddy, Dr. James Lineback, who has a medical practice in San Diego, Cal.  Dr. Lineback is my age, 64, and competes in triathalons.   While he is not training for the Iron Man in Hawaii, he is in excellent shape, and since I am currently in the latter stages of a serious weight loss regimen, and getting back to a weight where I can again run, he offered some tips on things I could do besides the stair master and elliptical trainer. one of which is called deep water running.

I am looking online for information about deep water running and imagining how that might fit into my workout schedule, and I am very intrigued, because I know I can get winded swimming in no time, and with this exercise their is no joint jarring on the pavement, so I might just have to try it out, since it is getting a little too cold for bike riding.

You do have to buy a bouyancy belt,  but Dr. Lineback suggested that one of those paddle boards that I know my local YMCA has loads of will work just fine for me to start my practice with.

Wonder what the calorie burn is for an activity like deep water running?  I am sure you can work up a sweat doing it, as wrestling with my son helps me to sweat easily.

And I wonder how it would fit with a Body Sculpting Challenge?

My guess is this would be a great addition to a Senior or Boomer weight loss regimen.  I know I will not be sprinting in the water.  I like the slow but regular rhythm to begin with, and then develop some endurance.

So what is Dr. Lineback’s first weight loss tip, and these are things he does himself?

1. Focus on daily intake of good fats, like almonds, eggs, avocado, olive oil, and butter.

More tips from Dr. Lineback soon.

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