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Do you think the article linked to below has any bearing on becoming a not so chubby hubby?  I think it does.  Not sure about you, but when I am busy, it is very easy for me to eat habitually.  For the longest time, that meant grabbing some high fat, high sugar treat that I had placed on the desk or in a close buy refrigerator and wolfing it down while still working.  If you see many clients in succession, grabbing a bite in the short break between clients was the only way to eat.  Never occurred to me to schedule a meal break, or to make healthy and quick snacks available for myself.  Seriously, I just never thought about planning meals and nutrition, and then I began to lose weight last spring, almost by accident, and then I got serious about paying attention to how and what I ate.  Now my biggest issue, after 45 pounds of weight loss, is a boring diet, but I have truly made some very important changes in the way I eat, when I eat, and what I eat.  (Hope the kids like Subway for dinner, because that is as close to fast food as they are going to get).   So I read the article below with great curiosity…I really resonated with the idea that the old habit is still there, the old neural pattern is still there, and perhaps just needs a cue to reassert itself.  Just one more reminder that I need to continue to practice my new habit until it is very strong.

You know what my friend Dr. Lineback says, Have a vegetable tray on hand at all times.  His next tip, which will horrify my daughter; Have one piece of broccoli for each piece of chocolate consumed.  Those are habits Dr. Lineback has practiced for decades.

MIT neuroscientists identify a brain region that can switch between new and old habits.

via How the brain controls our habits – MIT News Office.

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