Seniors Weight Loss-How?

Seniors Weight Loss

So you have made it past your AARP membership at age 50,  even joined up,  and you are now looking at all the Medicare materials  coming in the mail, and perhaps getting back in shape seems like a pipe dream.  After all, hasn’t your metabolism changed?   Doesn”t the passage of years justify that bowl of ice cream?  Kids are up and gone, no need to run anymore.

Are there not a million and one excuses?

I want to propose that you reconsider the possibility of Seniors Weight loss, because I have lost 45 pounds since April of 2012, at age 64. (today’s date is 11-15-12).  I have not had to diet, deny myself, eat tiny portions of salad, or do any of what my mom did to lose weight back when I was half a century younger.

How am I doing this weight loss thing you ask?  I am taking advantage of technology that was not even dreamed of by my parents, meal replacement shakes that are based on science not yet done until a few years ago, and good old fashioned exercise using an elliptical trainer, a treadmill, weights, and a bicycle.  The part of weight loss that requires burning more calories than you take in has not changed.

However, the technology I am referring to is a pedometer and a web site that allows me to record my steps and my calorie intake so that I get a picture of my calorie burn each day, plan meals, get reminders, and have my cell phone beep if need be when it is time to eat.

The pedometer is like a little conscience on my arm, so when I walk upstairs for kleenex and somehow end up by the refrigerator, I do not eat that piece of fried chicken, and my seniors weight loss continues.

Now the next part of the story involves a friend of mine who has lost over 120 pounds using a meal replacement shake.  As I began to successfully drop  a few pounds last April, I  noticed  his posts on Facebook about the incredible amount of weight he had lost, so I called him, and tried out the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes and I have used a shake or two almost every day since the beginning of May.  I am not a scientist, so I cannot evaluate the research for you, and the marketing always makes incredible claims, but I cannot argue with the new pair of jeans I bought earlier this week which are a 36 inch waist instead of the 42 inch waist jeans I wore to the store.

Now for the exercise.  I am not doing anything differently than I was doing earlier this year.  No expensive club memberships, no personal trainer, no incredible crunch machine bought on TV, just going to my local YMCA for my usual workout.  The one thing that is different is that the lighter I get the more resistance I can put on the machines I use, within reason.

Weight loss, yes, injury, no.

Are there benefits besides seeing some muscle definition under the last 15 pounds of fat?  You bet?  Neurogenesis and neuroplasticty, to name two, which are big words for the growth on new neurons and new connections between neurons.

That is right, replacement parts for your brain, and I will share more on that tomorrow.

Mike Logan

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