Brain Exercises for Seniors-Weight Lifting and the Treadmill?

Brain Exercises for Seniors

So you came to this page because you were intrigued about senior weight loss and you were looking for some information on the best protein shake meal replacement as a part of your weight loss regimen,  and the title indicates that this post is about  lifting weights and exercising?

What gives?  Before you run away, there are some very big benefits to your brain when you exercise, and those benefits happen rapidly, and are sustainable,  provided you continue an exercise regimen. (Does not have to be Olympic Caliber)   Those benefits happen faster than your typical weight loss, which is very important to your brain health also.

Perhaps you have heard of the book Brainfit for Life by Simon Evans, Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt, Ph.D?  Evans and Burghardt have written a very interesting e-book for ($17.95) which teaches us about the pillars of brain fitness and how attending to the pillars of brain fitness facilitates the growth of new neurons and new connections between neurons.  We can encourage neurogenesis or the growth of new neurons and neuroplasticity, which is the growth of new connections between neurons from day one of our senior weight loss program.

So There is an overlap between weight loss exercise and brain fitness exercise?  You bet your much slimmer bottom there is an overlap.

Hope you do not think the Pillars of Brain Fitness involve magic wands or magic potions.  The pillars are actually very much under our control.

They are;

  1. Physical Exercise
  2. Nutrition, including antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acid.
  3. Good sleep.
  4. Stress Managment
  5. Novel Learning Experiences.

Next post I will go into more detail about what Evans and Burghardt suggest in Brainfit for Life    .

For now, though just think about how your senior weight loss exercise  is going to keep line up very nicely with your brain exercises for seniors


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