Avoid Holiday Overeating? Can I Sustain My Senior Weight Loss Routine?

Avoid Holiday Overeating?

Isn’t overeating throughout the holiday season an American tradition?  Even I was thinking this morning about making banana bread  with my daughter Hannah, since we have a couple of ripe bananas that will soon go in the garbage if not used , and I am not a baker.

Crockpot yes, oven no, but she will soon go home to her mom’s and I could get stuck with the banana bread, and then my training from childhood will take over, which I learned from my Depression Era parents, that if you took it you eat it.

I have struggled the entire time my children have been here with their uneaten portions, which get thrown out if I don’t eat them, and when I eat them I end up where I ended up for the last 20 years, carrying around an extra 60 pounds.

However, since last April, I have shed 45 pounds of that weight, and here we are at the holidays, and my comfort food desire is whispering to me that you can work it off after the holidays, trust me, so go ahead and have that extra pumpkin pie.

So my vigilance is going to have to be strong, as I move through Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holidays, and I will have to keep my Sisel meal replacement shaker close by, and keep it filled with the  best protein shake meal replacement I have ever found.

A Sisel Meal Replacement shake once or twice a day keeps me reminded of the last 15 pounds that I want to lose, which will take me back to 180 pounds.  The last time I weighed 180 was when I was maybe 30 years old.  So I will write frequently between now and the end of the holidays about the mental aspect of keeping my senior weight loss going.

It feels so good to be down that much weight, and of course my weight loss shadow tells me that I have done enough…take a break…but the last break I took from paying attention to my appetite lasted 30 plus years.  Don’t think I have that many left.


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