Senior Body Building

Senior Body Building

OK, allow me a moments vanity. I am in the process of shedding 60 pounds of extra weight,  and have lost 45 pounds in the last 7 months, and I am seeing some muscle definition emerging.

I have been a regular exerciser since I finished graduate school in 1996, including a weight lifting regimen, but have never been able to regulate my late night eating until the last few months, so while there was still some muscle mass on my body, it was buried under a significant layer of fat.

Now that the fat is disappearing, I am seeing muscle definition again, and I am curious about what other folks my age are doing to enhance muscle definition, and there are a number of folks my age (64) who are even training for body building competitions, and apparently there is even some question about steroid use in senior body builders…which is not for me.

I do use a testosterone topical prescribed by my Doc, and my good friend Dr. Lineback, and M.D. in California suggests that I should use a testosterone shot instead of the topical because it is more bio-available than the cream, but I am not going to risk anything more than what my Doc prescribes.

However, there are folks even older than me who are looking very good for 70, for example, because they are lifting for definition.  While I am not sure I want to exhaust muscle groups quite the way I remember body builders doing, I am very intrigued by what my senior body building peers  are doing.

I remember not too many years ago my local paper, the Rockford Register Star, included an article about a guy I used to see at my local YMCA who was a power lifting champion.  He had not even lifted weights until he was 50, and was doing very well in competitions.

As I re-read this, I think I am getting ready to begin a more strenuous weight lifting routine, and of course, I will do more of another of  Dr. Lineback recommendations, called deep water running.  I tried it the other day, and it was a weird experience, and actually very tiring.

One resource I will continue using is the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake, which has been a part of my seniors weight loss regimen, and the TS-X, which is for telomere protection.

Just beginning to read up on telomere protection, but Dr. Lineback is using a product that costs $800.00 per month, which says to me that there must be telomere gold out there somewhere.

But please do not look for me posing in the muscle mags though,  I am enjoying my re-emerging definition in private.


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