Rockford Senior Weight Loss and Antiaging Too?

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and Antiaging Too?

In April of 2012, I happened to put on a Body Media arm band that my wife Julie had laying around,  and because I could feel it on my arm, I managed to cut out a few of the calories I ordinarily consume late in the evening, but paid little attention to my diet otherwise.  On a whim, about seven days later I weighed, and I had lost five pounds.

Now my curiosity was piqued, and I began to explore the capabilities of the arm band more seriously, logging in each morning and recording meals eaten and making sure that I was burning more calories than taking in, ect. and I lost 12 pounds that month, which was very amazing to me.  I had been wishing and hoping to lose some of the 60 pounds I put on in graduate school oh so long ago, but had never made any headway with that, and now I was, and then I began to notice Facebook posts from a friend who was reporting that he had lost 120 pounds using a meal replacement shake, so I called him, and ordered some, and began to very religiously follow someone else’s directions and the weight continued to come off, to the tune of 45 pounds, between May and Oct.  When I went to my Doc for my annual physical he cautioned against trying to get back to 180, which is what I weighed in college in my football playing days.  Maybe I should say football practicing days.  So I slowed down a bit on the weight loss efforts but have maintained a 45 pound weight loss for four or five months now.

So based on my experience with the meal replacement shake, I began to use the anti-aging product called TS-X, which is about telomere support.  I do not know much about the science of telomere support, but I wanted to see what would happen after three or four months, because the meal replacement shake sure did work.

One of the things others have reported is that hair darkens again, as telomeres get the support they need, but I was more looking for flexibility and strength, so can you imagine my surprise yesterday when I was talking to my ex-wife, and she asked me if my eyebrows and hair were darker?  I had not noticed, but if she who is the fashion maven notices, it must be accurate.

I find Julie’s observation to be very encouraging.  So now I will continue to take by TS-X and when it gets a little warmer out, I am going to lose the last 10 pounds and get down to 185.  Want to join me?

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