Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More?

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More?

The not so chubby hubby is coming up on a one year  anniversary soon, and the not so chubby hubby remains down a cool 45 pounds, even though I have strayed a bit from the plan that I adhered too last spring and summer which made the weight come off so easily.

If you remember, on a lark last spring, I put on  a Body Media arm band, and noticed that when I had it on, I paid a bit more attention to what I ate and when I ate, and after a week, for the heck of it, I weighed, and I had lost five pounds.  The arm band had my attention, so I began to use it and the program that comes with it daily and the weight began to melt off, much to my amazement.

Then I began to notice some Facebook posts from a friend, reporting he had lost 120 pounds using a meal replacement shake.  So I tried it, and it and the arm band and the regular eating and the recording of meals, and a little extra exercise in the form of bicycle riding resulted in 45 pounds of weight loss by Sept, when my life changed significantly, and by that I mean a divorce and some financial setbacks, but I maintained my regimen through most of the holiday season, and through a physical where my Doc told me he was proud of me.

Based on my experience with the meal replacement shake, I decided to try one of the anti-aging products offered by this company, called TSR-X, not expecting much of anything to happen visibly, so you can imagine my surprise when my ex-asked me if my hair and eye brows were darker.  Julie is very attentive to those kinds of things, so I am going to continue using the TSR-X, and at the corporate convention one month ago, Sisel released a new product called Revitalizer, which is designed to impact bald heads…they could get new hair.  After all the guy who owns this company is the inventor of rogaine.

Could this be a makeover of the internal kind?  Could I be a walking bill board for the impact of the products of this company?  What Baby Boomer would not go for more hair and smaller waste line?

So stay tuned folks, for some interesting before and after picks.

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