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First Bike Ride of the Season…!

First Bike Ride of the Season, very enjoyable, but who designs those seats anyway? My tush is out of shape for even a quick 1/2 hour ride, and the wind was strong out of the south, which made 1/2 of my little circle hard to peddle, but the other 1/2 was very easy with the […]


Are You Ready for This? Weight Lifts for the Elderly

Just a quick post for those of you my age and older, 64, who are curious about weight lifting and exercise. The benefits are tremendous for us Boomers and Seniors. Will be back later to comment more on this…this trainer is very innovative.


Jeff Fluck’s Product Story Or How He Became the “Weight Loss King” or The Guy Who Loses Weight Without Exercising

Very interesting message from the gentleman whose video you see in the right sidebar, Jeff Fluck. I was familiar with most of it except the part where he lost weight without exercise. That is most remarkable to me, but on to Jeff’s story, in his words. “One great example of just how successful this product […]


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