Jeff Fluck’s Product Story Or How He Became the “Weight Loss King” or The Guy Who Loses Weight Without Exercising

Very interesting message from the gentleman whose video you see in the right sidebar, Jeff Fluck.
I was familiar with most of it except the part where he lost weight without exercise. That is most remarkable to me, but on to Jeff’s story, in his words.

“One great example of just how successful this product is a man who goes by the name of Jeff Fluck. Jeff lives in the small city of Beloit, Wisconsin. He was a normal guy just going about living his life day to day when the unthinkable happened….

In a matter of months, he was involved in not one car accident… but two!

All the trauma to his back caused him to develop several bulging disks which kept him nearly bed ridden.

Unable to really move around Jeff quickly started gaining weight. At his peak he was at 363 pounds.

To make things worse he started having several other health issues due to the weight he had put on. These included:

High Blood Pressure
Borderline Diabetes

He was taking medication to help combat these conditions, but they often times caused even more problems than they fixed.

Finally, he had enough.

He started looking for ways that he could begin losing weight without exercise due to his limited mobility.

That’s when Jeff found the Sisel product line, including their weight loss products.

Impressed by their global presence, the company’s dedication to producing healthy, toxin- and chemical-free green products and more than 25 years of scientific research, Jeff started using some of their products, including the weight loss meal replacement shakes called Siselean.

The results?

In a little more than a year since he started Jeff is still losing weight and has lost a total of 131 pounds!

To put that into perspective Jeff says he is down 18 holes on his belt (yes he had added a few)!

He is now off all the medication he was once on for high blood pressure & depression.

He is no longer a borderline diabetic.

Not to mention his energy level has gone through the roof and he is no longer constantly hungry thanks to the Siselean shakes helping to curb his Ghrelin production (you can Google “Ghrelin” Hormone—it is nicknamed “The Hormone of Hunger”).

In fact Jeff won the first Sisel weight loss competition they had here in the US by losing 65 pounds in a 3 month period!

He even says:

“I applied for new health insurance and my premium went from $987.00 per month down to $181.00 per month! A savings of $806.00 per month or $9,672.00 PER YEAR!!!!!

And my food/grocery Bill is down at LEAST $250.00 per month which saves me another $3,000.00 per year. A Total Savings of $12,672.00 PER YEAR!”

+++PLUS+++ And Read this CLOSELY PLEASE: The Siselean product is Soooo Scientifically Advanced that for every 20 pounds that Jeff has Lost these natural ingredients have “Flushed-out” 25 pounds of Fat & Added 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle Mass to his Body—–Without Jeff doing Any Excercise ! THAT MEANS that Jeff has LOST 163 pounds of FAT & He has Gained 32 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass—-And….NO Sagging Skin on Jeff’s Body !

Jeff’s story is only one of the many out there.

Countless people are losing weight and feeling healthier, more energized and simply enjoying life even more. Others have just firmed-up the sagging skin on their bodies. AND Gym-Rats go CRAZY over the FAST, Muscle Mass Increases on Their Bodies !

Jeff’s incredible success has given him the passion to introduce hundreds of others to this science-based method of losing weight.

Many of Jeff’s friends & business associates…….Male & Female alike……say that this is the Easiest Weight Loss they have ever experienced in their lifetime. Nearly 150 people in Jeff’s hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin alone !

Maybe this is how Jeff got the nickname: “The-Weight-Loss-King” !!!!”

Want to find out more about this product? Call Jeff at 608-436-0119, and tell him the Not So Chubby Hubby sent you. That would be me, and I am down 45 pounds using the same product.

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