First Bike Ride of the Season…!

First Bike Ride of the Season, very enjoyable, but who designs those seats anyway? My tush is out of shape for even a quick 1/2 hour ride, and the wind was strong out of the south, which made 1/2 of my little circle hard to peddle, but the other 1/2 was very easy with the wind at my back.

I have not been able to do my regular workouts as regularly as I want for the last six weeks or so, and I have eaten not quite so well as the cold has kept me inside, so I have gained about 3 pounds back from last years 45 pound weight loss.

Now it is time to really get back in the saddle and get those three, and the other remaining 15 pounds off. I have sluffed off a bit on my Sisel Shakes and the triangle of life too, but warmer weather means it is time to get after it. My work schedule may change soon, so I might be able to work out early, then go to work, then ride in the afternoon, or chase the kids around.

And about those bicycle seats? I saw a picture the other day of a really old bike, which had a wooden seat. Made me thankful for what I have.

By the way, my son says my old grey head is growing darker hair. How could that be? Another of the Sisel Products I am using is called Revitalizer for hair and nails…could there be a connection?

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