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First Bike Ride of the Season…!

First Bike Ride of the Season, very enjoyable, but who designs those seats anyway? My tush is out of shape for even a quick 1/2 hour ride, and the wind was strong out of the south, which made 1/2 of my little circle hard to peddle, but the other 1/2 was very easy with the wind at my back.

I have not been able to do my regular workouts as regularly as I want for the last six weeks or so, and I have eaten not quite so well as the cold has kept me inside, so I have gained about 3 pounds back from last years 45 pound weight loss.

Now it is time to really get back in the saddle and get those three, and the other remaining 15 pounds off. I have sluffed off a bit on my Sisel Shakes and the triangle of life too, but warmer weather means it is time to get after it. My work schedule may change soon, so I might be able to work out early, then go to work, then ride in the afternoon, or chase the kids around.

And about those bicycle seats? I saw a picture the other day of a really old bike, which had a wooden seat. Made me thankful for what I have.

By the way, my son says my old grey head is growing darker hair. How could that be? Another of the Sisel Products I am using is called Revitalizer for hair and nails…could there be a connection?

Are You Ready for This? Weight Lifts for the Elderly

Just a quick post for those of you my age and older, 64, who are curious about weight lifting and exercise. The benefits are tremendous for us Boomers and Seniors. Will be back later to comment more on this…this trainer is very innovative.

Jeff Fluck’s Product Story Or How He Became the “Weight Loss King” or The Guy Who Loses Weight Without Exercising

Very interesting message from the gentleman whose video you see in the right sidebar, Jeff Fluck.
I was familiar with most of it except the part where he lost weight without exercise. That is most remarkable to me, but on to Jeff’s story, in his words.

“One great example of just how successful this product is a man who goes by the name of Jeff Fluck. Jeff lives in the small city of Beloit, Wisconsin. He was a normal guy just going about living his life day to day when the unthinkable happened….

In a matter of months, he was involved in not one car accident… but two!

All the trauma to his back caused him to develop several bulging disks which kept him nearly bed ridden.

Unable to really move around Jeff quickly started gaining weight. At his peak he was at 363 pounds.

To make things worse he started having several other health issues due to the weight he had put on. These included:

High Blood Pressure
Borderline Diabetes

He was taking medication to help combat these conditions, but they often times caused even more problems than they fixed.

Finally, he had enough.

He started looking for ways that he could begin losing weight without exercise due to his limited mobility.

That’s when Jeff found the Sisel product line, including their weight loss products.

Impressed by their global presence, the company’s dedication to producing healthy, toxin- and chemical-free green products and more than 25 years of scientific research, Jeff started using some of their products, including the weight loss meal replacement shakes called Siselean.

The results?

In a little more than a year since he started Jeff is still losing weight and has lost a total of 131 pounds!

To put that into perspective Jeff says he is down 18 holes on his belt (yes he had added a few)!

He is now off all the medication he was once on for high blood pressure & depression.

He is no longer a borderline diabetic.

Not to mention his energy level has gone through the roof and he is no longer constantly hungry thanks to the Siselean shakes helping to curb his Ghrelin production (you can Google “Ghrelin” Hormone—it is nicknamed “The Hormone of Hunger”).

In fact Jeff won the first Sisel weight loss competition they had here in the US by losing 65 pounds in a 3 month period!

He even says:

“I applied for new health insurance and my premium went from $987.00 per month down to $181.00 per month! A savings of $806.00 per month or $9,672.00 PER YEAR!!!!!

And my food/grocery Bill is down at LEAST $250.00 per month which saves me another $3,000.00 per year. A Total Savings of $12,672.00 PER YEAR!”

+++PLUS+++ And Read this CLOSELY PLEASE: The Siselean product is Soooo Scientifically Advanced that for every 20 pounds that Jeff has Lost these natural ingredients have “Flushed-out” 25 pounds of Fat & Added 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle Mass to his Body—–Without Jeff doing Any Excercise ! THAT MEANS that Jeff has LOST 163 pounds of FAT & He has Gained 32 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass—-And….NO Sagging Skin on Jeff’s Body !

Jeff’s story is only one of the many out there.

Countless people are losing weight and feeling healthier, more energized and simply enjoying life even more. Others have just firmed-up the sagging skin on their bodies. AND Gym-Rats go CRAZY over the FAST, Muscle Mass Increases on Their Bodies !

Jeff’s incredible success has given him the passion to introduce hundreds of others to this science-based method of losing weight.

Many of Jeff’s friends & business associates…….Male & Female alike……say that this is the Easiest Weight Loss they have ever experienced in their lifetime. Nearly 150 people in Jeff’s hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin alone !

Maybe this is how Jeff got the nickname: “The-Weight-Loss-King” !!!!”

Want to find out more about this product? Call Jeff at 608-436-0119, and tell him the Not So Chubby Hubby sent you. That would be me, and I am down 45 pounds using the same product.

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More?

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More?

The not so chubby hubby is coming up on a one year  anniversary soon, and the not so chubby hubby remains down a cool 45 pounds, even though I have strayed a bit from the plan that I adhered too last spring and summer which made the weight come off so easily.

If you remember, on a lark last spring, I put on  a Body Media arm band, and noticed that when I had it on, I paid a bit more attention to what I ate and when I ate, and after a week, for the heck of it, I weighed, and I had lost five pounds.  The arm band had my attention, so I began to use it and the program that comes with it daily and the weight began to melt off, much to my amazement.

Then I began to notice some Facebook posts from a friend, reporting he had lost 120 pounds using a meal replacement shake.  So I tried it, and it and the arm band and the regular eating and the recording of meals, and a little extra exercise in the form of bicycle riding resulted in 45 pounds of weight loss by Sept, when my life changed significantly, and by that I mean a divorce and some financial setbacks, but I maintained my regimen through most of the holiday season, and through a physical where my Doc told me he was proud of me.

Based on my experience with the meal replacement shake, I decided to try one of the anti-aging products offered by this company, called TSR-X, not expecting much of anything to happen visibly, so you can imagine my surprise when my ex-asked me if my hair and eye brows were darker.  Julie is very attentive to those kinds of things, so I am going to continue using the TSR-X, and at the corporate convention one month ago, Sisel released a new product called Revitalizer, which is designed to impact bald heads…they could get new hair.  After all the guy who owns this company is the inventor of rogaine.

Could this be a makeover of the internal kind?  Could I be a walking bill board for the impact of the products of this company?  What Baby Boomer would not go for more hair and smaller waste line?

So stay tuned folks, for some interesting before and after picks.

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and Antiaging Too?

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and Antiaging Too?

In April of 2012, I happened to put on a Body Media arm band that my wife Julie had laying around,  and because I could feel it on my arm, I managed to cut out a few of the calories I ordinarily consume late in the evening, but paid little attention to my diet otherwise.  On a whim, about seven days later I weighed, and I had lost five pounds.

Now my curiosity was piqued, and I began to explore the capabilities of the arm band more seriously, logging in each morning and recording meals eaten and making sure that I was burning more calories than taking in, ect. and I lost 12 pounds that month, which was very amazing to me.  I had been wishing and hoping to lose some of the 60 pounds I put on in graduate school oh so long ago, but had never made any headway with that, and now I was, and then I began to notice Facebook posts from a friend who was reporting that he had lost 120 pounds using a meal replacement shake, so I called him, and ordered some, and began to very religiously follow someone else’s directions and the weight continued to come off, to the tune of 45 pounds, between May and Oct.  When I went to my Doc for my annual physical he cautioned against trying to get back to 180, which is what I weighed in college in my football playing days.  Maybe I should say football practicing days.  So I slowed down a bit on the weight loss efforts but have maintained a 45 pound weight loss for four or five months now.

So based on my experience with the meal replacement shake, I began to use the anti-aging product called TS-X, which is about telomere support.  I do not know much about the science of telomere support, but I wanted to see what would happen after three or four months, because the meal replacement shake sure did work.

One of the things others have reported is that hair darkens again, as telomeres get the support they need, but I was more looking for flexibility and strength, so can you imagine my surprise yesterday when I was talking to my ex-wife, and she asked me if my eyebrows and hair were darker?  I had not noticed, but if she who is the fashion maven notices, it must be accurate.

I find Julie’s observation to be very encouraging.  So now I will continue to take by TS-X and when it gets a little warmer out, I am going to lose the last 10 pounds and get down to 185.  Want to join me?

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