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Rockford Health- Is Industrially Processed Sugar, Fat, and Salt Laden Food Biologically Addictive?

Rockford Health “New discoveries in science prove that industrially processed, sugar-, fat- and salt-laden food — food that is made in a plant rather than grown on a plant, as Michael Pollan would say — is biologically addictive.” The quote if from Dr. Mark Hyman, and I am really struck by the phrase ‘industrially produced’. […]


Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss If you are like me, buried in online information and competing claims for competing products, and you are overweight, and a little prone to quick fixes (after all, that is what hamburger helper is, correct?), then you have looked for the magical pill or potion that you can […]


Fitness in Rockford, Il-Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…

Fitness in Rockford, Il. So I am sure you are ready to ask what increased¬† telomere length has to do with anything, certainly what could it have to do with fitness in Rockford, Il.¬† Well, it turns out that telomeres, those tiny little caps on the ends of our tiny strands of DNA, have an […]


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