Rockford Health-Did You Guys See This? How the brain controls our habits – MIT News Office

Rockford Health

Do you think the article linked to below has any bearing on becoming a not so chubby hubby?  I think it does.  Not sure about you, but when I am busy, it is very easy for me to eat habitually.  For the longest time, that meant grabbing some high fat, high sugar treat that I had placed on the desk or in a close buy refrigerator and wolfing it down while still working.  If you see many clients in succession, grabbing a bite in the short break between clients was the only way to eat.  Never occurred to me to schedule a meal break, or to make healthy and quick snacks available for myself.  Seriously, I just never thought about planning meals and nutrition, and then I began to lose weight last spring, almost by accident, and then I got serious about paying attention to how and what I ate.  Now my biggest issue, after 45 pounds of weight loss, is a boring diet, but I have truly made some very important changes in the way I eat, when I eat, and what I eat.  (Hope the kids like Subway for dinner, because that is as close to fast food as they are going to get).   So I read the article below with great curiosity…I really resonated with the idea that the old habit is still there, the old neural pattern is still there, and perhaps just needs a cue to reassert itself.  Just one more reminder that I need to continue to practice my new habit until it is very strong.

You know what my friend Dr. Lineback says, Have a vegetable tray on hand at all times.  His next tip, which will horrify my daughter; Have one piece of broccoli for each piece of chocolate consumed.  Those are habits Dr. Lineback has practiced for decades.

MIT neuroscientists identify a brain region that can switch between new and old habits.

via How the brain controls our habits – MIT News Office.

Rockford Weight Loss-Deep Water Running

Rockford Weight Loss

Ever heard of deep water running?  Me neither.  For the most part,  I stay out of chlorinated water because if I get any of it in my sinus cavities just underneath my eyes, my nose will run and I will sneeze for a week, which has kept me out of the back yard pool and the pool at the YMCA for ever.  The back yard pool is particularly bad for chlorine…seems like Julie dumps it in by the barrel full, which makes sense if you have a lot of little kids in the pool.   Who knows what they are doing in the water, so lets err on the side of hygiene.

However, all of that may be changing, since I talked to an old college buddy, Dr. James Lineback, who has a medical practice in San Diego, Cal.  Dr. Lineback is my age, 64, and competes in triathalons.   While he is not training for the Iron Man in Hawaii, he is in excellent shape, and since I am currently in the latter stages of a serious weight loss regimen, and getting back to a weight where I can again run, he offered some tips on things I could do besides the stair master and elliptical trainer. one of which is called deep water running.

I am looking online for information about deep water running and imagining how that might fit into my workout schedule, and I am very intrigued, because I know I can get winded swimming in no time, and with this exercise their is no joint jarring on the pavement, so I might just have to try it out, since it is getting a little too cold for bike riding.

You do have to buy a bouyancy belt,  but Dr. Lineback suggested that one of those paddle boards that I know my local YMCA has loads of will work just fine for me to start my practice with.

Wonder what the calorie burn is for an activity like deep water running?  I am sure you can work up a sweat doing it, as wrestling with my son helps me to sweat easily.

And I wonder how it would fit with a Body Sculpting Challenge?

My guess is this would be a great addition to a Senior or Boomer weight loss regimen.  I know I will not be sprinting in the water.  I like the slow but regular rhythm to begin with, and then develop some endurance.

So what is Dr. Lineback’s first weight loss tip, and these are things he does himself?

1. Focus on daily intake of good fats, like almonds, eggs, avocado, olive oil, and butter.

More tips from Dr. Lineback soon.

Fitness in Rockford-Weight Loss by Yard Work

Fitness in Rockford

Good afternoon all, after a good Sunday of lawn mowing and outdoor work, weeding box gardens, cleaning up a couple of flower beds, and burning brush, and a cup or two of coffee later in the day as the fire died down, and a little bicycle riding, and then a salad and some baked chicken with part of a baked potato, I weighed in at 192.25  after my workout this morning , and 194.6 at home prior to my workout, which is great news.  I did not feel like I had lost more weight, which is usually the case.

My point in all of this is that, with some attention and the right amount of  step exercise, one does not have to starve to death or undergo the kind of pain that The Biggest Losers have to undergo to lose weight.   Call it weight loss by

I am getting close to the point where I will need to buy new clothes though, which will be painful…however well worth it.  How many pairs of slacks can I get buy with?  Couple of pairs of jeans,  I know, and one pair of dress slacks?  Shirts are lose, but not anywhere near as baggy as my britches are.

How am i doing it, you ask?  Well Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes are a key piece of it, as is Sisel Lean Triangle of Life, which helps my 64 year old body recuperate each day from the exercise I put to it.  Amazing as it is, there are still some abs left down there, and I cannot wait to shed the rest of the fat around my chest.

Guess I will have to do some more yard work for that to happen though, well actually, I need to vacuum upstairs which is a lot of steps actually, and that can be added to tomorrow’s chores.

If you need more structure for your exercise, or just want to try out the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes , please click here and go to Body Sculpting Challenge , where you can do both…Join me in enjoying those smaller clothes.

Rockford Weight Loss-Even Less Chubby and Running Again?

Rockford Weight Loss

Got time for a quick update today.  Weighed on the scale upstairs in the home bathroom, which always weighs me heavier than the YMCA scale, that can be cheated on a bit, just for ego’s sake, and the upstairs scale had me at 197, which is the lowest I have ever been on it.   And it actually surprised me on my first weigh in, reporting 191, which would have been a 5 or 6 pound weight loss in the last 24 hours.  I have been losing, but not like that, so I tried it again, and still got very good results.

But even better, from my perspective, was the experience I had with my daughter while we were waiting for her older brother to finish his after school workout.  We have been doing this for a couple of year now, and she always wants to play tag, and I enjoy teasing her and chasing her, and she enjoys tormenting the old guy, but this time she took off from one base to another base and I was able to accelerate quickly and sprint after her, and she had to call time before reaching the new base.

Running is not something I have done much of in the last 10 years or so.  I have used the treadmill to walk, and the elliptical trainer, and the stair master for exercise, but no running, let alone sprinting.   I cannot say that the Sisel anti-aging products I am using are the cause of that, but I sure could not move like that prior to taking them…so what I can do is continue to take them and report back to you about my progress.

I used to routinely run 3-6 miles when I did more running, that was just my standard workout…and I would love to able to add that back in to my exercise regimen, especially if my hips, knees, and ankle don’t ache afterwards.

Rockford Health-Checking in on Weight Loss and On the Trail of Toxic Personal Care Products


Just a quick update on my continuing weight loss.  I have now lost a total of 40 pounds, using the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake, and two other Sisel Products, Spectacular Energy and Body Shield.  I just really enjoy being lighter on my feet, and I am really excited about getting some agility and mobility back and working on some muscle definition at age 64.  My workouts as I have gotten lighter have gradually gotten more intense, and I am really delighted by that.

But as I report in the video, because of my success with my friend’s recommendation of Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes, I decided to take a look at the chemicals included in some of my children’s personal care products.   The very first chemical in the very first product I looked at was Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is a “highly aggressive detergent common in industrial degreasers and floor cleaners” and use “may result in harmful long term-term effects in skin and eyes.”

This product is aggressively marketed to boys my sons age, 14, and I know that as he gets more mature,  he will pay more attention to his scent than he does now, so I better break him off his habit now, or educate him to the need to use something else to smell good, like his food.

I will be going through our household products and looking at the chemicals contained in them closely now, and I hope I can get Julie to join me in looking at her make-up for toxic chemicals.

Well, the boy wants to go see his high school team play tonight, so I had better get my bike ride in, so I can deliver him.  I will be back soon with more information on toxic household products and what you can do to eliminate them…we have enough disease to go around.

Rockford Health- Is Industrially Processed Sugar, Fat, and Salt Laden Food Biologically Addictive?

Rockford Health

“New discoveries in science prove that industrially processed, sugar-, fat- and salt-laden food — food that is made in a plant rather than grown on a plant, as Michael Pollan would say — is biologically addictive.”

The quote if from Dr. Mark Hyman, and I am really struck by the phrase ‘industrially produced’.

And from Jeremy Zawodny, writing  at How to Eat and Live, ” Did you know that pet food has to pass a certain level of testing before it can be sold? It has to be a “complete” food, containing sufficient nutrients for the animal to live on without additional nutrition. There’s a fairly long testing period involved to establish whether or not the food is good enough to be sold as pet food.

Oddly enough, the foods in the grocery store intended for human consumption have no such testing requirement. Many of them are actually engineered to provoke our desire to eat, while at the same time draining our body of essential nutrients (sometimes the same ones that were removed in the extensive “processing” the food undergoes to make it survive in shrink-wrap on store shelves for months at a time).”

No wonder it is hard to lose weight.

Mr. Zawodny is actually reviewing a book written by Paul Stitt, called Fighting  the Food Giants, which includes information about additives that the big food companies include in our food that make it nearly impossible to eat just one.  I have used this information in my Anger Management workshops for many years because there is quite a connection between low blood sugar and aggression, and I culled that information from Barbra Reed-Stitt’s book Food and Behavior.

Now I am looking at the connection between weight loss and food designed to make us eat way more than we should.  I have recently lost 35 pounds,  as a result of eating mostly salads and much smaller portions of meat and including a helpful meal replacement shake that helps my body handle ghrelin, (the appetite hormone)  and I wondering about how to reach other folks with that information.

I have cut out almost all processed food, and sugary treats.  I have been getting my sugary taste from yogurt, and I know even yogurt has “natural flavors” in it, which are the industry code words for appetite stimulants.

I do not expect to change the world, since I cannot even influence my own family.  My kids and my wife are still consuming lots of sugary treats, including cereal, but I do get them to consume a smoothie with lots of fruit and a salad at dinner.  Grudgingly, they eat those things, with sullen resistance.  But such is the lot of Dad.

Now I am reading very interesting information from Dr.  Hyman and also Paul Linden, Ph.D about how our brains respond to these treats, by making neuroplastic changes which make us crave the treats.  Yes, more chemicals impacting the pleasure circuitry in our brains, not unlike cocaine or alcohol.

Unfortunately for us, our brain learns to crave sugar or alcohol or fat or cocaine very fast,  and unlearning or getting sober if you will, takes more time.

But it can be done.

More on that sobering up next article, but start by eating lots of food  from the vine food, as grown,  and getting lots of exercise, are both going to be necessary.

Rockford Fitness-Is there such a thing as quick weight loss tips?

Quick Weight Loss Tips

I know that when I search the internet for that term, or similar terms because my britches are fitting a bit too tightly, I am really looking for a magic pill or potion to make the tight britches less tight without any pain on my part, or hunger pangs is what I really mean, because when I am hungry, it is very hard to remember those affirmations about how I will look when it is all over, and it is hard to remember to go have some veggies or some fruit, because the ghrelin in my gut is calling for fat or sugar.

My poor stomach thinks a famine is coming on, and it is telling my in a very powerful behavior motivating way that I need to feed it.

David Linden has written about the pleasure circuitry of our brains and how fast we learn or change the circuitry in our brains in response to fat and very sweet foods like high fructose corn syrup, and how that pleasure circuit can then get activated at the speed on electrons, which changes my internal chemistry, and then I become aware of hunger and move toward the refrigerator or the fast food restaurant.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a low cal sweet treat available for those moments when I am very hungry very fast? Are there any that are convenient? Yes, we have a number of alternatives. We can make our own, and if you are a bit compulsive like me, you can be very satisfied with the same kind of treat or food at the same time every day. I like yogurt for that reason, the little packages of Danon yogurt I can get at the store, and keep in the refrigerator for hungry moments. Then of course the trick becomes to eat just one, because a quick ten yogurts equals about 1200 calories and that does nothing for a smaller waist.

I do not like the candies that are available because I do not know what chemicals are in them, or what those chemicals will do to my aging brain, and if I make a refrigerator full of pops, my kids will eat them and there will be none left for that moment when I do not want to feel hunger pain.

So then what treats can I keep close by for those moments when I need them? Well, I have been using a meal replacement shake from Sisel, and Sisel has some options, which I do have nearbye. They are called Sisel pops. I do not use them every time I have a hunger pang, because I eat on a schedule and I can usually endure hunger until my next meal.   But the Sisel Pops are a very useful adjunct to the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes.

The use of those tools has helped me to lose 35 pounds since April 6th, 2012, and I am getting more confident by the day that I can reach my goal of 180.   You believe that?  So cool.

Rockford Fitness-Safe Weight Loss Supplements and Weight Loss

Safe Weight Loss Supplements

Pretty amazing weight loss journey since April 6th or 2012! I am now down 32 pounds, and will cross the 200 pound barrier soon. That is the lowest I have been since 1991, when I got down to 190 to staff my first New Warrior Adventure Weekend, and what is really nice, as the fat disappears, there is still some musculature underneath it. I am really excited to feel the difference in my ability to move, and my endurance is better also. However, the last three weeks I have been stuck at 210 pounds and even went backwards a bit. The first 30 pounds were easy, but I lost my focus for a bit at 30 pounds, and had to work to get it back. So what I did was get my bicycle out and start peddling around the circle we live on which is .6 mile, and I found that I really enjoy it, although there is more traffic than I expected, and sometimes I need to get off the road briefly. No problem for me. Surprisingly enough, my Body Media arm band tells me that the bicycle riding is “vigorous” activity, even more so than the stair master, which sure feels like it is more strenuous, probably because there are no places to coast on the stairmaster. I have continued my use of the Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes and have not had any candy since April 6th also, although I have had some cravings recently. I was able to recognize the cravings as such and not act on them, though. Just like the Beck Diet Solution said, so long story short, I continue to make progress, and I am looking forward to making my target weight of 180 later this year. Very exciting.

I am also discovering some great information about fucoidan, which is a phytochemical from a sea weed that has some excellent anti-cancer properties. Apparently this chemical can make cancer cells go into apoptosis, which means that they die, and cancer cells are immortal for the most part. But more on that in another post. Talk soon, Mike.

How Did Jeff Fluck Lose Over 100 Pounds and Mike Logan Lose 32 Pounds? – Are There Weight Loss Supplements That Work?

Weight Loss Supplements That Work

If you are in Rockford, Il.  on Aug. 1, 2012, we hope you will join Jeff Fluck and I at Logan Health and Healing Center.  We are going to be talking about our weight loss and sharing our answer to the question about weight loss supplements that work.

Jeff has lost over  100 pounds, and I am half way to my goal of 60 pounds, which will put me back at 180 pounds. (See a video of Jeff  in the right side bar).   I have been carrying an extra 60 pounds since returning to graduate school in 1991, which makes it 22 years.

Actually I did not accumulate  all that weight  at once, but over a period of years, until I actually weighed about 260 pounds when I graduated with my Masters degree.  I began to exercise then and and did get down to about 210 in 2002 when I got married,  and then crept back up to 240 pounds.

For my height, most of the body charts say I should way about 160, but I played college football at 180, so I will use that as my target.  Even at 30 pounds lost I feel wonderful,  so much lighter.  However, I want it all off.  I see no reason not to have excellent strength and health in my late Boomer and Senior years.  I am watching some of the folks around me begin to seriously age and develop real medical issues, and I do not want that.

In fact, as part of my weight loss regimen, I have taken up bike riding again, and it is taking me back to when I was my son’s age and riding across town to my Little League games, and there was a huge hill that I had to do a switch back on all the way to the top,  and it was a mark of honor to complete that long hill without stopping to walk.

So now I am going to the YMCA to work out, walking the dog, and riding my bike as my primary tools, all of which is recorded on my Body Media arm band.  I also record all my meals on the website, so I can get a picture of calorie intake and burn each day.  The arm band reminds me that I need to follow a schedule for meals.  My appetite and cravings demand that I eat when I feel them, especially the cravings, and that is when I have some water, or build myself a shake with that weight loss supplement that works in it.

My shake helps me turn off the hunger hormone ghrelin, and the hunger or craving goes away, and my calorie intake is only 80 calories.  You know a slice of cold pizza is around 300 calories, right?

Not only do I feel better when I am lighter, I am discovering all kinds of benefits for weight loss.   I did not know how physiologically active that fat was, but that is for another post.

I hope you will take a look at the press release below, get all the pertinent information and come visit us on August 1, 2012.  Or message me here or call me at 815-484-0946, my office number.  Thanks. Mike and Jeff

How Did Jeff Fluck Lose Over 100 Pounds and Mike Logan Lose 32 Pounds? – Are There Weight Loss Supplements That Work?.

How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain –

How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain –

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