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Why do some people say they want to lose weight but then don’t try | FUdiet: The Science of Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Fitness

Why do some people say they want to lose weight but then don’t try | FUdiet: The Science of Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Fitness.

Best Meal Replacement Diet

Best Meal Replacement Diet

I want you to take a look at this article in Science Daily,  Feeding Hormone Ghrelin Modulates Ability of Rewarding Food to Evoke Dopamine Release, and prepare to be amazed.  I know my jaw dropped when I read the part about how sugar helps a rat  brain generate a dopamine release in the pleasure circuitry of its brain which is made stronger by an injecting ghrelin along with it.

Since I am not constrained by the research model, I am going to wonder if I have that same kind of experience when I am hungry and eat a sugary treat?  Or maybe  I am in need of a snack and I head to the refrigerator and I pull out the left over spaghetti, made with the sauce that has lots of high fructose corn syrup in it, and I start to eat just to blunt the ghrelin induced hunger pang, and the sugar in the sauce begins to work on my tongue and I get a jolt of feel good dopamine before I even swallow my snack, which soon becomes a meal.

Is it possible the the chemists at the food producing companies know about this quirk of our pleasure centers, and engineer products (not food) to take advantage of this quirk in our pleasure centers?  Why else would the recipe for cookies and snacks include appetite stimulants?

Yes, folks your processed food is engineered to make you eat more than just one.  I was and am disappointed to know that, and I am even more disappointed in myself for continuing to fall prey to food products that include ingredients that I cannot digest (trans fats) or that make me obese, simply because I want that dopamine in my brain after the chemical.  You know, carrots work, but not anywhere near as fast as high fructose corn syrup for a dopamine jolt, and speed is of the essence for your pleasure centers.

So, any meal replacement diet is going to have to take into account the pleasure centers of the brain, and give us a chance to manage our awareness and make wiser choices when it comes to appetites and cravings.

I have tended to be rather skeptical about products and diets that tout meal replacement shakes because I did not believe they could work, at least not the way they are advertised, until a friend of mine began to post of Facebook about his 100 pound weight loss using the Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes.  That caught my eye, and I began to watch his posts, especially when I began to experience some weight loss success in April when I began using the Body Media arm band.

In May I bought some of what he was using and tried it.  I actually began to use the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake  incorrectly, not mixing it and letting it thicken up, and I drank it a little faster than I needed to, perhaps like it was a magic bullet, and I did not at first notice what he was describing.

But then I did mix it, and I noticed that my appetite was not as strong most of the time, and sometimes I did not need to eat a meal at all, in spite of the ghrelin that must have been lurking somewhere in my blood stream, so no chemicals were inducing a dopamine fix and I was still getting nutrition.

Once again I am not constrained by research requirements, so I measure the impact of my experiment in terms of weight loss, which is now at 30 pounds in three months, even with some days where I did not completely remove the high fructose corn syrup from my food intake.

Pretty amazing that Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes work even when I don’t.


Fitness in Rockford-Water and Weight Loss

Fitness in Rockford-Water and Weight Loss

I get most of my water from coffee, and often forget that I lose weight more effectively when I am drinking lots of water, and for me that means around 48 ounces per day. I do take water to bed, and drink during the night if need be and start each day by finishing any that is left, but then I go get coffee, and stick with coffee until I exercise, and the criterion for successful exercise for me is measured in sweat. I perspire heavily on my head, because my head is hot, and I have been known to be hot headed. Maybe there is a reason for the cooling perspiration being generated from my head, but I feel best when the sweat is rolling and my shirt is wet down the front and the back, so after workouts, I start with water and have much more throughout the day from workout on, and I have noticed that on the days that I drink more water, the weight loss is more profound. Bet there is a link.

Water May be Secret Weapon in Weight Loss is the title to an article in WebMD that discusses the results of a study done by Brenda Davy, Ph.D. at  Virginia Tech reporting on the impact on participants who drink two glasses of water before a meal.  She says;

“We are presenting results of the first randomized controlled intervention trial demonstrating that increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy,” Davy says in a news release. “We found in earlier studies that middle aged and older people who drank two cups of water right before eating a meal ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories during the meal.”

Would it be easy for you to begin your meal with two glasses of water?  Not sure I can overcome the inertia and conditioning that says …pick up the fork and eat but I know I can drink more water with my meal than I do now.

Or I could finish my meal with more water.

Another strategy for weight loss.

Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Fitness in Rockford-Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

If you are like me, buried in online information and competing claims for competing products, and you are overweight, and a little prone to quick fixes (after all, that is what hamburger helper is, correct?), then you have looked for the magical pill or potion that you can take so that it can work while you are doing the rest of your life.

If you are like that, then you probably have learned to discount what appear to be magic potions and pills and claims touting weight loss or metabolism boosts for phytochemicals or neutriceuticals or lycopene, or whatever.

However, about 3 months ago, I got a Body Media arm band, and began to use the online module for goal setting, exercise tracking, which it does while I am busy vacuuming for example, and meal recording, and I was very amazed to lose five pounds in the first week of using it.

Now I am at 30 pounds down, with hope of getting back to 180 lbs.  I am really looking forward to some running this fall, without the extra pressure of an extra 60 pounds on my knees and hips…and early in this process, I came across some references to two products that are now a daily part of my weight loss regimen.  One is Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shakes, and the other is…coconut oil.

I saw some online articles about coconut oil, both of the scientific variety and the marketing variety articles, so I decided to buy some and use it.  At this point, I get the grocery store variety, and not all my local stores carry it, and it is expensive, but it sure is filling, on toast, which is how I usually have it.

In fact, for breakfast today, I had a Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shake and two slices of toast with coconut oil, which leaves the hunger pangs blunted but the stomach is not way too full, so I can go do my morning workout.  I will probably have toast and coconut oil for lunch too.   I like the convenience of including coconut oil in my meals this way.

Here is some interesting information to look at.

“Nonetheless, there seems to be something to the idea that coconut oil, with its rich concentration of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), may increase fat burning and calorie expenditure, especially if MCTs replace other fats in the diet such as safflower oil, soybean oil and other typical high omega-6 vegetable oils. (No one suggests that they should replace omega-3‘s!) Researchers writing in the Journal of Nutrition called MCTS “potential agents in the prevention of obesity,” noting that they induce satiety (fullness) and may facilitate weight control, especially when used as a replacement for other oils.”

I have not yet used coconut oil as a cooking oil, just eaten it spread on toast, so if you try coconut for weight loss and use it as a cooking oil, let me know what your experience is, OK?  Thanks.

Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Fitness in Rockford-Healthy Weight Loss Tips

I would enjoy knowing what your best weight loss tips are, by the way.  Now that I am about 11 weeks into this healthy weight loss journey, and doing a much better job of managing the thinking and feelings involved in late evening eating, I am looking for other thinking and feeling tips to include in my internal memorex, because I know that in order for me to keep the weight off, I will have to continue managing hungers and cravings for as long as I want the weight off, and there are just a ton of good sites out there with information for me.

I am lucky in a sense because I can be a bit compulsive about my daily rituals, and once I have them built in, I keep them.

For example, I am starting each evening meal with a big salad, and my late night snack, if I eat one, has been yogurt, rather than a few more bites of dinner, or ice cream.

The biggest thing I have been compulsive about is; drum roll please,  no sugar in almost three months.  No ice cream, no candy, and my wife made the comment last Saturday that because I am eating less, she only had to buy one pizza…so there is an economic incentive for me to continue my eating this way.

Another thing I have gotten compulsive about is using my Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes…which are touted to coat your stomach and trick your brain into stopping production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.  It does not always stop cravings 100%, although sometimes it does, but it always helps.  This is very important to me.

I am beginning to see the remnants of my chest and abdominal definition as the fat disappears, and contemplating working on those again, and even running this fall.  I have a nice track in mind that will allow me to run on grass on a well keep cemetary lawn.

So I guess my healthiest weight loss tip for today is involve visualization.

Fitness in Rockford, Il-Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…

Fitness in Rockford, Il.

So I am sure you are ready to ask what increased  telomere length has to do with anything, certainly what could it have to do with fitness in Rockford, Il.  Well, it turns out that telomeres, those tiny little caps on the ends of our tiny strands of DNA, have an important roll to play in cell division, and they can wear a little thin over the course of our lives, and as they do wear thin, we age faster.

Here is what the experts have to say in one research project;

“Telomere shortening may cause genome instability and is an initiating event in colorectal cancer (CRC). Obesity is associated with reduced telomere length in lymphocytes and is a risk factor for CRC, but the impact of obesity on telomere length in the rectal mucosa is unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of weight loss, induced by calorie-restricted diets, on telomere length in the rectal mucosa of obese men. Midrectal biopsies were collected by sigmoidoscopy at three time points (at weeks 0, 12, and 52) during a programmed weight loss intervention. Weight was reduced by an average of 10.6 kg across the study. Telomere length, measured by quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR), was negatively correlated with body mass index (BMI) (r = -0.13, p = 0.05) at baseline (n = 54) and increased at week 12 (four-fold increase) and week 52 (10-fold increase) (analysis of covariance [ANCOVA] p = 0.01, n = 12). Abasic sites in DNA decreased at week 12 (30% decrease) and week 52 (65% decrease) (analysis of variance [ANOVA] p = 0.02). Furthermore, gain of telomere length appeared to be greater if more weight and body fat was lost (r = -0.65, p = 0.01 and r = -0.56, p = 0.01, respectively). These results suggest that weight loss by caloric-restricted diets may contribute to the prevention of telomere shortening and DNA base damage, which are important initiating events in carcinogenesis.”

What I have seen in the reading I have been doing about anti-aging is that there is quite a race to find the magic bullet that lengthens telomeres and slows the aging process, and it would seem to me that instead of looking for that magic bullet, that a calorie restricted diet is the key.

It also seems to me that if you are obese, then losing the weight is an excellent antidote to worn out telomeres, as it sounds like they regenerate with weight loss.

So as a not so chubby hubby, I am very excited to see this information.  In fact it makes me want to go get on the treadmill again, as I am down about 27 pounds in the last two months, and two key components of my weight loss have been the Body Media arm band and the Sisel Meal Replacement Shake.

The Body Media arm band is like a little conscience on my arm,  reminding me not to give in to emotional eating, or cravings, and to wait until my next scheduled meal.  The more I follow the schedule and maintain regular exercise the more steadily I lose weight.  Part of my schedule is to mix the Sisel Meal Replacement shakes and to take them in place of a meal or two per day.

A good friend of mine who lost over 100 pounds using Sisel Lean actually turned me on to the product simply by reporting his weight loss. (Can you imagine how long his telomere’s are now?)   He never sold the product, just continued to record weight loss, and of course, as I began my weight loss journey, I had to ask how he was doing his, and then he told me.

He said the shakes worked by coating his stomach which would encourage his body to turn off ghrelin or the hunger hormone.   So I tried it, to see if my cravings/hunger pangs could be tamed.  I have to report that not always do my cravings go away, but they are much more manageable by just thinking about them, and reminding myself that my next meal is not too far off, and I can wait.

Sounds like what the grownups do, right.

Here is a link to the research mentioned above.

Weight loss in obese men is associated with increased telomere length…


Rockford Health-Startling Revelation For the Not So Chubby Hubby

Rockford Health-Weight Loss for Men

Bet you can never guess what I saw a hint  of this morning?  If you read this far, thanks, and the answer is muscle definition.  I was amazed.  Underneath the extra pounds I have carried for about 20 years there is still the outline of pectorals and even a bit of abdominal muscles.  Can’t go so far as to say “six pack abs” but there is definitely an outline of something I have not seen for a long time on my chest and abdomen.  I am of course delighted and amazed.   I actually did not ever doubt that I could lose all the extra weight I am carrying, but I sure put it off for a long time.

The three key tools for me in this journey have been the Body Media Arm Band system, Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes, and coconut oil.  Why coconut oil?  I read that it had some excellent health and weight loss benefits, so I tried it, and slather some whole grain toast with it a couple of times a day.  For me, it helps me to feel full longer.

Here is what Kirin Patel has to say at Organic Facts;

“The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength. These benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc”

Since I can get it at the grocery store, I have less fear about chemicals added to it in processing.  I am more and more eliminating processed foods from my diet.  Maybe someday I will grow my own food, or at least much more of it.

The Body Media Arm Band allows me to schedule my meals, and the Sisel Lean Meal Replacement shakes,  allow me to get through the day with much less of the hunger pangs which I usually feel as I continue the changes in eating I made beginning in early April.  I used to eat whenever I felt hungry, and my rationale would be that I did not eat a lot, so weight loss will happen…wonderful tool, that rationale creator, and I have an excellent rationale creator.

How much have I lost so far?  I am right at 25 pounds, and looking forward to continuing the uncovering process.  Please stay tuned.  Mike

Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress

Rockford Health-Amazed at My Progress

Just eight weeks ago,  I ran across an article in WIRED magazine talking about products that they thought would be a big hit at an electronics show.  I happened to glance at the article and one of the products looked vaguely like an arm band that my wife had gotten for herself, and even suggested that I get one for me.  I paid little attention to her idea, and soon she quit using hers, because the ubs cord somehow got misplaced, and she could not do her daily upload of calorie intake by logging her meals.

On a whim, I decided to see if the product had an affiliate program attached to it, and it did, so I explored a bit, signed up, and was accepted.  I ordered one of the arm bands, and then I said to Julie that she ought to get one too, and we could do a husband and wife weight loss program.  I was quite surprised when she said she already had one of the Body Media arm bands, and a little embarassed, but that is easy enough to get over.

When mine arrived, I put it on, and began to play with the meal recording part of the program, and I was quite surprised by the number of calories that I was consuming every day, some of them late at night, right before I went to bed.  But I did notice right away that I had a little bit more awareness of choice when I felt hungry and went mindlessly to the refrigerator.

I did set up a target calorie intake and calorie expenditure program, and weighed in at 239.7 pounds, about 10 more than I expected.   Then I did not weigh again for perhaps a week, and was really surprised to have lost more than four pounds.   I was hooked.

Now I am close to 20 pounds down and about 1/3 of the way to my target weight of 180.

What is really amazing is that I have managed to stick to a schedule of eating which is very different than having no schedule for meals at all.  First thing in the morning,   I load up my meals and check to see how I am doing on my targets, and I am moving along very steadily.  I have given up on the leftovers, which might be making my depression era parents roll over in their graves, and I have not had any candy or sugar in almost two months.  I do not think that has happened for 30 years.

As I began to lose pounds, I happened to run across a Facebook post from a friend of mine who was reporting that he had lost over 100 pounds.  I knew that Jeff was a 25 year  mlm guy, so I suspected that he had a product or two somewhere in the background, but he did not pitch them.  Instead he talked about being able to bend over again and tie his shoes.

I was intrigued and after a month with Body Media, I decided to see what his product was,  and to give it a try.  If it can help me reach my goal of getting back to playing weight, then I am all for it.  And so it has, but I will save the details for my next post.

First Post from Not So Chubby Hubby

Not So Chubby Hubby is a go…my first post on this blog, which I am building as we speak, so expect lots of changes in the coming days.  Actually, I am excited about the not so chubby hubby part too, as I have lost about 20 pounds in the last two months using two tools primarily, the Body Media arm band, and Sisel Lean meal replacement shakes.   So I am breaking down eating patterns that I have indulged for almost 20 years.  While I have attempted to break those patterns down many times, I have not sustained the new long enough for the old to go away and stay away.  I can move so much better already, and I am delighted with that, and I am looking forward to losing the remainder of the weight.  The Body Media arm band gives me the tools to record my daily food intake, and makes me feel a bit guilty when I indulge a snack, and the Sisel Lean is an excellent meal replacement tool, leaving me feeling full when I mix them correctly.  You have to let them sit a bit, then drink them, as they thicken up.  So I will be reporting lots more information tomorrow, and in subsequent days, so stay tuned and welcome.

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