Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes

Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shakes

Hello Everyone,

Can you identify with the image just above?  I certainly can, I do not want to think about all the times I have bought a muffin like the one above, filled with high fructose corn syrup to drive my pancreas crazy, and straight from the test tube simulated blue berry bits,  and then I slathered the whole thing with margarine, since it is cheaper and easier to spread than butter, so I could have a “treat” when my brain was really saying it needed dopamine.

The consequence of that and many other related behaviors was an extra 60 pounds that I carried on my belly for 20 years, until earlier this year when I began to notice posts on Facebook from an old friend reporting that he had lost  over 100 pounds.

Of course, those posts piqued my curiosity as they came to my notice just as I was experiencing some beginning weight loss success of my own using the Body Media Arm Band.

Then I called Jeff, to see what his “magic ingredient” was and he told me about the Sisel Lean Meal Replacement Shakes that he was using, so I bought some and since I was in a hurry to lose my 60 pounds, I drank several shakes for many days, burning thought a significant portion of a months supply before I learned that you are supposed to mix them and let them sit for awhile, and savor them rather than gulp them down.

Once I learned how to mix the shakes, I actually began to experience what Jeff was talking about, the change in appetite that comes when the shake fills your tummy and the stomach lining tells itself to quit producing ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

I was amazed that it actually worked the way they said it would.   So now I take my Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes on a schedule and eat on a schedule, and my weight loss is now at 30 pounds, and I find myself with the energy to do extra walking for more calorie burn.

So that is my personal  Sisel story to this point, except that now I am a distributor and I am building  a retirement income for myself with the hottest product line on the market.  My income at 64 is not as strong as I want, and Jeff and I are partnering in building a Sisel business, and I would love to talk to you about it.  You can skype me at Michael S. Logan, or call my office at 815-484-0946, or leave a note here, or on the Sisel Link above, (where you can order too, if you want), or call my cell at 815-975-7256.


Michael S. Logan, M.S.


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