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Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More?

Rockford Senior Weight Loss and More? The not so chubby hubby is coming up on a one year  anniversary soon, and the not so chubby hubby remains down a cool 45 pounds, even though I have strayed a bit from the plan that I adhered too last spring and summer which made the weight come […]


Avoid Holiday Overeating? Can I Sustain My Senior Weight Loss Routine?

Avoid Holiday Overeating? Isn’t overeating throughout the holiday season an American tradition?  Even I was thinking this morning about making banana bread  with my daughter Hannah, since we have a couple of ripe bananas that will soon go in the garbage if not used , and I am not a baker. Crockpot yes, oven no, […]


Rockford Fitness-Is there such a thing as quick weight loss tips?

Quick Weight Loss Tips I know that when I search the internet for that term, or similar terms because my britches are fitting a bit too tightly, I am really looking for a magic pill or potion to make the tight britches less tight without any pain on my part, or hunger pangs is what […]


Rockford Fitness-Safe Weight Loss Supplements and Weight Loss

Safe Weight Loss Supplements Pretty amazing weight loss journey since April 6th or 2012! I am now down 32 pounds, and will cross the 200 pound barrier soon. That is the lowest I have been since 1991, when I got down to 190 to staff my first New Warrior Adventure Weekend, and what is really […]


How Did Jeff Fluck Lose Over 100 Pounds and Mike Logan Lose 32 Pounds? – Are There Weight Loss Supplements That Work?

Weight Loss Supplements That Work If you are in Rockford, Il.  on Aug. 1, 2012, we hope you will join Jeff Fluck and I at Logan Health and Healing Center.  We are going to be talking about our weight loss and sharing our answer to the question about weight loss supplements that work. Jeff has […]


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